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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

How Can Audio-visuals Thrive?

Who doesn't want to succeed in endeavours and to become rich and famous? My little experience in the movie and TV industry is confined to doing an odd job on a set, advising on a TV program script, collaborating with Hollywood people to produce a TV commercial, appearing in interviews, writing of a Hollywood style feature screenplay and making dozens of original music videos. I speculate that the necessary conditions to succeed in the field depend on having certain subjective attributes and objective support.

Subjectively, those who want to break into or to become successful must have: (1) the value to be creative, (2) the courage to try, and (3) the commitment to do. Creators must add value in their audio-visual works through high differentiation. It is very hard to do, otherwise everybody will be doing it.

Objectively, there must be (1) value alignment on the projects, (2) capacity to deliver high-quality productions and (3) financial and non-financial support. Team members should share the common goal and should play their team roles throughout the creative, production and marketing processes. It is again very hard to have the right mix-and-match at the right time and space though.

In the final analysis, the necessary and sufficient condition for audio-visual works to thrive is to meet and exceed, if not anticipate and capture, market demands. Entertainment and learning aside, people watch audio-visual works because they (subconsciously) want to be changed. If they feel their lives could be uplifted or transformed by certain audio-visual works from certain quarters, they would become their loyal followers!

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