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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

The Challenge On My Mind

For 40 years, I worked as a civil servant, optimizing my potential and qualities, tackling messy and complex systemic problems and offering solutions that promoted the common good. My stakeholders were the public and I did not directly create jobs or drive economic growth. When my primary career came to end, I want to become an entrepreneur in the next stage of my life.

I think I have the right qualities of an entrepreneur, like knowledge seeking, creative thinking, risk taking, team building, persuasive communication etc. I have been thinking and experimenting breaking the conventional game rules in creativity and marketing. I dare to be different by producing my own music videos, doing my own digital marketing and performing live in special occasions!

But the challenge on my mind is to take a profit-oriented focus or I cannot scale my business, create jobs and contribute to the economy. I am adapting to the change by sharing my ideas, prioritizing my objectives, and playing a team role in trendy projects such as the "Belt & Road Blockchain Consortium". I am mapping my way from pain to gain.

Making big profits is the ultimate business goal of entrepreneurs. "Does money move my heart? What value do I stand for?" I question myself. Although it is hard to take a balanced approach, I believe the tougher the challenge, the more satisfaction I derive in resolving it!

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