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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

"Celebrate The Festival"

The Dragon Boat Festival occurs on the fifth day of May of the Chinese calendar. As I would have to fly out to Beijing that day, I had no plan to celebrate the festival in anyway. But on the eve of the Festival, I got greetings from a friend in Canada.

Since I always like to add value in any process, the friendly festive greetings inspired me to write a song to celebrate the festival. When I engage in intensive intellectual activities, I can hear music in my ears and can see lyrics in my eyes. From a single verse to a couple of bars, the song: "Celebrate The Festival" took shape in about three hours.

Recording a new song is always difficult, as it is easy to mix up the final version with earlier versions. I have made it easier for me by deciding not to let the perfect be the enemy of good. The new song took me another three hours to select and edit the video clips and to insert the tri-lingual subtitles.

But for my friend's early festive greetings, I would not have this song. The song's messages reflect my mood in the creative process. Although it is only pertinent in one day in a year, I hope the song's cumulative effect might have some social and cultural impact!

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