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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

I Have Only Just Begun

It has been three months since I became the Founder of peterC@SOLUTIONS, offering professional services consultancy in the intellectual property context. My value proposition is to deliver relatively low-costs and high performance outcomes. What surprised me is that my first revenue streams are solely or strongly connected with Mainland operations.

In Summer 1983, I bought my first premises at 94 Lychee Rd N, Fairview Park, New Territories, Hong Kong (my business address now). My peers doing summer jobs in the Attorney General's Chambers in Central teased me for making such a decision. I jokingly defended: "It should be more accessible for me to cross the border as I might have to work there some day!"

In February 2015, a Mainland friend kindly suggested to me to use WeChat (ID: peterkfcheung) and now I use it as much as WhatsApp. In March, I had my first Mainland mobile number (13149958258) so that Mainland package tour guides could locate me more readily. I used the number to sign up with qq-mail (account: 3150876537) just to find that I could attach large files and send them without worrying whether they would stay put in the outbox!

In showcasing creativity, I first published my stuff at Weibo (User:5897800645) in Spring 2016. And now, if I publish any music videos on YouTube, I would publish them in Weibo as well. Although I have only just begun my business endeavour, I feel that there are still opportunities for Hongkongers to collaborate with Mainlanders to make a Greater China!

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