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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

The Tipping Point

A good mix and match of incidents happened within days enabled me to rethink about my career as a young old. The Government's control over me in relation to undertaking any paid or non-paid work is over. I am free to provide service to anyone or institution anywhere without any need to seek any prior approval from the Government anymore.

As conditions are ripe, I therefore decided that I should also try private legal practice. I submitted my application to the Hong Kong Bar Association for a practising certificate on July 4, 2017, just hours before my solo trip to Oshigaki. Although I was called to the Hong Kong Bar on August 31, 1985, it was the first time I applied for a practising certificate, as Government lawyers do not need it under the law.

Despite my prior checking that there should not be any legal problem for me to get a practising certificate, the proof of it was in my application. While I was enjoying the scenic views at Dubrovnix on July 24, I got the news that my intent to begin private practice from September 1, 2017 was approved. And I settled the fees and the professional indemnity insurance premium as a Barrister with over 10 years experience.

Having done some criminal prosecutions, civil litigations and judicial reviews of administrative actions, I was promoted to the rank of Senior Crown Counsel in 1988 in the Law Reform Commission. As a former Registrar of Patents, Registered Designs, Trademarks and Copyright Licensing Bodies, I was old in public practice. My prospective private practice is definitely young, but it has already generated something good in me - I feel more energized than before!

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