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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Succeed Fast

Does a start-up company not yet actively engaged in trade or business need any Non-executive director or Chair? I believe a start-up company having the "just-do-it" mindset and without a strong management team to eliminate or reduce risks will fail fast. Eg a start-up content provider just free-rides on others' copyright content, couldn't care less non compliance would turn "success" into failure.

A independent and impartial Non-executive Director does not deal with the day-to-day management of a company. S/he has wide experience, specialist knowledge and good personalities. The principal role is to contribute creatively to the Board of Directors about a company's strategies and action plans, and general governance.

A company Chair controls a company's business through good leadership and governance (including matters such as compliance and audit) and is the Chief Executive Officer's mentor. S/he leads a company Board of Directors and is also a company's spokesperson. The principal role is to create conditions to ensure a company' value propositions would excite and delight customers and generate recurrent revenue streams timely.

Both a company's Chair and a company's Non-executive Director are independently appointed to promote the success of a company. A Non-executive Director can be elected by a company Board as the Chair of a company. I believe any start-up company that really thinks big and acts boldly, would succeed fast if it avails itself of the wisdom of a strong leadership and governance team!

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