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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Connecting With E-Customers

Are you aware of the continued huge growth of e-commerce in Asia and do you have any new ideas or options in doing your e-commerce business in the Chinese speaking world? Do you agree that whenever a person wants to know more about something, many of them would use their hand-held devices to research in the fields? An e-commerce brand that can be rightly connected with the e-customer, providing the right information timely, is likely to close a purchase deal.

I appreciate the trendy impact of visualization, and the need to provide smart, top, authentic content to deliver a delightful experience to my stakeholders. Even for writing blog posts, I would insert a picture or video so that they can correlate better with my messages. I publish my creative contents primarily via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and Weibo in Mainland China to get digital marketing insight.

I only began to narrate my experience and opinions of places in Google's Local Guide reviews in July 2017 and have attracted over 300,000 views of my feature photos to date. As around 62-84% of e-customers trust on-line reviews as much as personal recommendations, they may do buzz advertising for me in their social media platforms, or business circles. I anticipate that I should be able to capitalize on my brand eg as a key opinion leader in the relevant fields before long.

As e-commerce competition is keener than before, to get your brand connected with your e-customers smoothly is the first step to take. A low-cost, high-performance and e-customer-friendly option to enhance your e-commerce business in the Chinese speaking world is simply to register your mark with the Registry of "dot trademark" (punctuation + the word 'trademark' in simplified Chinese characters). The substantively-examined registration enables e-customers, whether they are browsing freaks, researchers, bargain-hunters, one-time shoppers or loyal customers, to get in touch with you easily - just like making a direct call!

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