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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Sunset Concept?

"Years ago, I sold sunset patents to that innovative company for good money." I was very pleased to hear that. "But I don't do that anymore as that company is not functioning." was the immediate following remark that I found it hard to digest. "What had happened to that company?" I pondered.

"It couldn't be organizational impatience as the innovative business model took time to have return on investment. " I thought. "Perhaps, that company had tried to do too much without significant outcome." I wondered. "And the investors have shifted their focus from longer-term capacity building to near-term revenues..."

In 2011, while I was in a public position of influence, I began to champion the cause of international trading of intellectual property via Hong Kong. I meant to create public value and executed key activities to align values, build capacity and support. Upon my retirement in 2014, I did not have a public role to play and could only be proactive in avoiding conflicts of interest.

"Is international trading of intellectual property a sunset concept?" I do believe my trend identification was and still is correct, as the global economy has become more and more creativity-innovation-intellectual property-based. While there is no optical difference between sunset and sunrise, one can only tell the difference at a given point if one knows one's orientation!

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