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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Passionate Happiness

Have you been to the "Venice of the Cotswolds"? I did not even know it exists before end August 2017 when I was there one early morning. I was quite anxious to take video clips capturing the little natural beauty while few souls were there. Then, in the course of the normal use, the front-facing camera of my iPadMini3 suddenly did not work - black screen ie shutter closed!

I tried to resolve the problem by making a force reset and then switching on the device again, but it did not work. I then use the rear-facing camera to shoot, but that was not my habit and I was unhappy to use it that way. I like to capture dynamic sights and sounds, and would not be contented with just still and silent photos of moments.

Back in Hong Kong, I learned that if the problem was software-related, reset the device to factory settings could fix it, but it should be desirable to back up the content in the device before doing that. Content management then became the secondary problem that I only managed to resolve it two months later. Having touched "reset all settings" of my device, I found out that it would not "erase all content and settings" unless I touched that key!

As my further attempt still could not fix it, the problem of my device became well-defined for the first time - it was a hardware problem. While I wondered: "how many thousands or ten thousands of shutter actuations have I done in the past three years?", I made the quick decision to replace the camera of the device. When I picked up my repaired iPadMini3, I have also picked up my passionate happiness!

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