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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Whampoa Today

Have you seen the innovation and intellectual property powerhouse of China's Greater Bay Area? I have been curious about China's latest innovation, intellectual property and related developments in the Area. I therefore seized an opportunity to join a study tour from Hong Kong to its Whampoa Economic and Technology Development Zone in Guangzhou on November 29, 2017.

At the heart of Guangzhou, the Whampoa Development Zone has a very pleasant environment and the food in one of its restaurant was just delicious. I had the privilege of discussing some value propositions with the Zone's Chief Economist and its Director of Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property Bureau. I felt that they had the value to make a difference for the Zone, the Greater Bay Area and China, and would welcome any collaboration from Hong Kong and beyond.

When I visited the Zone's operational institutions and discussed with other heads, I heard and read a long list of programmes and key activities to enhance capacity and support of Zone entrepreneurs, from strategic areas of research and development and innovation to financing and trading of intellectual property. If there are intellectual property disputes, they can be resolved via intellectual property arbitration at a Centre there, and the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court is not far away from the Zone.

Furthermore, the Implementing Regulations for the Whampoa Development Zone are full of financial incentives to nurture talents, to promote industrialization and high-tech industries, modern service industry, macroeconomic environment, and the protection and exploitation of intellectual property. I was particularly impressed with the Zone's current trading of intellectual property and its projected growth by 2020. Having got further third party endorsements, I have reason to believe that the Whampoa Development Zone would become the powerhouse of China's Greater Bay Area, and its Chief Economist is looking forward to receiving a collaborative business model proposal from me!

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