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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS


Do you believe in telepathy? Telepathy is the transmission of information from one person or mind to another (including the dead with the living and vice versa) without using any known sensory channels or interaction. A week ago, I suddenly had flashbacks of my engagement with an old acquaintance whom I had not met or communicated for over 10 years - and then I heard news that she passed away about a week ago.

Is telepathy just a pseudo-scientific theory that we wishfully want to establish? Since the 19th Century, numerous experiments have been conducted but there is no scientific proof of the existence of telepathy. Even if there were some seemingly verifiable instances, believers should not underestimate the probability of co-incidences ie the occurrences of circumstances and events having no casual connection with each other.

Although I like to believe humans have telepathic energy, I should not let my imagination run wild and should refute my assumption on the existence of telepathy if there is any negative instance. A year ago, I sent Seasons' Greetings via What'sApp to a friend and found it out of character that he did not respond at all. Only later did I learn that he had already passed away, but he did not transmit any telepathic communications or I did not perceive any telepathic information from him at all.

So, if I put aside my emotive claims on telepathy and rely on the falsifiability test rather than on my confirmation bias, I would come to the scientific conclusion that telepathy does not exist. What I have experienced were just the occurrences of two events that mean something to me. I also believe that even if humans might evolve to possess telepathic power, the availability of big data and artificial intelligence might prevent that from happening anytime soon!

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