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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

End of Time

"What is the meaning or purpose of life?" A deadly serious question that can be pondered particularly from philosophical and religious perspectives. Having lived a greater half of my life and searched for life's significance, I think it all boils down, factually and objectively, to three action words: "procreate, create and recreate".

Living is a biological process and living things have so evolved that they are off-springs of their parents. Having got lives, all living things follow their primal instinct to keep the life force by procreating. As a human being, I have played my due role.

Living things also follow their natural instinct to grow by creating something to meet the necessities and challenges of life. Rational intelligent humans endeavour to make life more interesting and fulfilling. As for me, I try to create my kind of original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and grow myself skillfully.

Diverting from the labour of work, or creativity or growth to recreational activities improves physical and spiritual well-beings. Living things can be in a better position to create or grow, delivering even better impact. I always get inspirations to be creative during my leisurely moments.

While "procreate, create and recreate" have linguistic differences, they, in my view, connote the meaning or purpose of life. To live a life rather than to pass it, I suggest humans should liberate their capacity to achieve life's goals. I believe humans will continue to evolve to live lives to the fullest, enjoying procreation, creativity and recreation until the end of time!

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