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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

End In Mind

What should we do if we want to thrive in the dynamic world? I believe learning can widen and deepen our knowledge base so that we can capture or create better value. If so, would you study science, engineering or medicine, or arts, humanities or law?

Such decision makings pose challenges to students and those who would like to upgrade their careers. This is especially so if the person has interests in various disciplines and has choices. In Hong Kong, I have come across young and bright students staying focused on professional fields such as law or medicine.

There are others having first degrees in arts or science, thinking the possibility of doing law. I had once advised a very talented intern not to take up law, and she is now doing very well in scientific research. Recently, I met up with law undergraduates betraying their interests in dancing or in music.

Perhaps, we should begin with the end in mind eg what would we like to be in our 20s, 40s or 60s? During my 20s, the only choices I had were to study either philosophy or law. In my 40s, I have already specialized myself in the field of intellectual property. In my 60s now, I hope to philosophize as much as I can and continue to live an intellectual life!

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