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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

"Xie Xie" - My Song

If very good friends of yours sent you Season's greetings, how would you respond? I would attempt to reciprocate with my warm messages in a song. That was my motive in composing and recording the music video of "Xie Xie."

While I was on the road on the morning of February 12, 2018, I got the music and lyrics of a greater part of the song, and I quickly recorded it with my smart phone. Within hours, I forgot about it and needed the recording to help me carry on with the remaining compositions. Then I discovered the song in a minor key with a three-beat time signature did not sound right.

Having completed my routine tasks on February 13, 2018, I suddenly got the inspiration to use two original verses to re-start composing by playing the guitar in a major key with a four-beat measure. The melody of the verses of the song "Xie Xie" came naturally, although I struggled a bit with the chorus. I then filled the remaining Chinese lyrics and checked the Mandarin pronunciations before singing and recording the song.

Having got an acceptable sound recording edition after 23 takes, my making of the music video would just be labour as the kind of skill and judgment for audio-visual editing is relatively easy. I am excited and delighted with my new song "Xie Xie" as Mandarin is not my mother tongue and I have not written a song for months due to other commitments. I really have to thank my very good friends for their festive greetings by saying and singing "Xie Xie"!

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