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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

"Lantern Festival"

Inspired by the greetings of a friend living overseas, I wrote the Cantonese version of "Lantern Festival" in 2016. I like the Cantonese lyrics and the moody melody. But I knew most of my Mainland Chinese friends would only understand the lyrics if they read the subtitles of the music video.

"Even so, anyone would sing Cantonese songs if they're good and easy to sing and play. I'd just have the original Cantonese version, but I'd update the footage in the music video before issuing it to the public today - Lantern Festival 2018." I thought this morning.

Then I challenged myself: "Why wouldn't I write the Mandarin lyrics and re-record the festive song? Why wouldn't I use the Fender Villager 12-string acoustic guitar to produce a richer, more ringing tunes, as I've never done that before?" I accomplished the tasks in the afternoon.

To get an acceptable take even under my "raw but real" standard was hard, as I did everything by myself - singing, playing, and recording. I must confess that I struggled with the diction when I sang. That I was able to publish 'Lantern Festival" by 18:00 today did make me happy!

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