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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

"You're Happy!"

"You're happy!" A Facebook friend I happened to meet at the Hong Kong Airport remarked at me. I was returning from Sydney with my wife with mixed feelings, as our younger son was staying behind for his studies. The officious bystander's observation, however, has been resonating in me.

"Yes, as a young-old, I'm still alive, can move about, doing physical exercises and travelling abroad regularly. Freed from government bondage a year ago, I haven't lost my imagination, am creative, capturing and delivering value. I interact with people, maintaining and building relationships."

"Yes, I do have a strong sense of purpose in my chosen pursuits, whether they be personal, social or business. Although I know I can never be stress-free, I have learned to minimize that. Whenever I feel joyful, I would open my mouth wide, as wide as my version of the Australian map."

For what I engage - physical, creative and social activities - the routines make me happy. From the feedback that I get - my health, the value added and the real or virtual relational support - the endorsements make me happy. Insignificant my happiness may seem, I would not let it go!

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