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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Coding Codes

You must have heard of computer codes, codes of conduct or even legal codes. Codes guide or direct machine output or human activities. Are the skills in coding codes the same or different?

In any knowledge systems, there are concept, structure and details. To code them methodically, logic is the key. Principles can be conceptualized, structure can be inferred and particular results can be deduced.

Once a goal is set, a coder takes an analytical step-by-step approach towards it. Refining the path with adjustment or improvement is necessary. Knowing how the computer works or how humans behave should help.

I think basic factual information (true or false) is easy to compute. Higher level knowledge on ethics (good or bad) or law (right or wrong) is hard. Anyway, I find computing moral or legal codes cool!

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