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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Have A Good Day

"What a good day!" I thought out loud as I looked at the blue sky this morning. "We should go outside, allowing our skin to produce Vitamin D to make our bones healthy rather than working inside offices." I then reflected: "How many good days had I missed during my 41 years of full-time working?"

I passed by the old South Kowloon District Court today and recalled the scenes when I prosecuted there as an Assistant Crown Counsel in early 1986. I failed to notice the history and architecture of the conserved building until today. I believe the building will still be there for a long long time.

Fixing my broken mobile screen and dying battery made my day today. As the service provider was exceptionally good when compared to authorized ones, I wrote a five-star review believing that should make the provider's day. Today is also the real birthday of a relative's newborn baby!

In life, every day is a good day as we cannot afford to miss one. Whether it is shining or not, we should look at the bright side of things. To have a good day, I choose to do something I enjoy, try to make a difference in others' life and challenge myself to continue to add value!

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