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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Bloom Again

March days, and Spring is in the air! Since the 1990s, I have been chasing cherry blossoms primarily in Japan during Easter holidays. (In a sponsored visit to US, I was thrilled to see cherry blossoms in Central Park, NYC in late April 2007.) This morning, I noted the cherry blooming period in Kansai will overlap with Easter holidays again!

Then, Google's mutating logo (depicting the Alishan Forest Railway and the red-coloured train emerging from a sea of cherry blossoms) caught my eyes. The doodle reminded me of what lured me to join a packaged tour to go there in March 2016. When the tour arrived at Alishan, it was raining, the trees shed their blossoms and the highlight was passed over.

Around that time, I was still looking for support to design, build and maintain a possible website of mine, but to no avail. Then, an opportunity (ad from knocked on me and I could do everything myself using the platform's artificial intelligence. Otherwise, I would not have been able to share my blog posts in cyberspace in an organised way.

Last Easter, when my wife and I were at Kansai, the cherry blossoms were not yet open. But I had the lingering thought that trees or humans with potential and quality could suddenly blossom beyond recognition. I strongly believe that we all can be beautiful and attractive, bright and promising, and will bloom again and again!

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