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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Theory Of Anything

Would there be any theory of anything if there is no human on planet earth? Would any brief history of time be relevant when planet earth becomes no longer habitable and the human race extinct? While we can live on earth, should we ponder over stuff like our microbes and the cosmos?

Just minutes after I read the news that a renowned physicist had passed away, I witnessed a man in good physique in the street crying hysterically. I believed he had just lost his mind and his crying had nothing to do with the loss of a great mind. I felt the choiceless human mis-matches ironic.

The mind-body interface has been intriguing me since I began my philosophical pursuit in the 1970s. Later, I was fascinated to learn about the placebo effect in the context of drug efficacy. It seems that our mind can master our body in its mysterious ways, and I have been on its side.

Physical disability other than the brain generally does not impact adversely on our ability to think. While no one can live around forever, any person can use the brain power to theorize and leave a mark in the brief history of time. Any theory of anything explains and suggests our path forward!

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