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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Life After Lawyering

Having worked as a civil servant since 1974, I became a first-year law student at Hong Kong University in 1981. Classmates were anxious to know each other and in a booklet about them, I entered in the hobbies section: "Studying". My classmates would query me:"Haven't you studied enough?"

In 2013, I received a visiting delegation from Guangdong, exploring commercialisation of creativity in Hong Kong. To showcase creativity in us, I entertained the delegation with my original Mandarin songs during lunch and dinner. My guests would remark: "Very few can work happy."

"Every day passes by quickly" was the same remark I heard, from men in the streets to a retired CEO of big tech firms. I feel the same too, hoping that I could have more than 24 hours in a day to add value and live my life. But I do believe we cannot afford to let time pass us by.

"Is there life after lawyering?" my former classmates might now ponder. I think I should be proud of the Hong Kong intellectual property system that I designed, built and maintained. Lingering entrepreneurial thoughts aside, I have started up my private lawyering including pro bono service!


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