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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS


For the first time, I have experienced Autumn-Spring within a fortnight. The natural colours are not that dissimilar, only the transition in and out is different. Whether it is Autumn or Spring of a person's life depends not so much on the outlook but one's inner feelings, in my view.

Having noted in mid-March 2018 the objective constraints eg my younger son's term break, my work schedule and the forecast of sakura blossoms in Hokkaido, I fixed my trips to Sydney and Canberra (April 27-May 3), and Sapporo and Otaru (May 6-9). As to the latter trip, I had to fly via Bangkok!

In Sydney (where my son is studying at UNSW), it was just good for father and son to be together. In Canberra, I witnessed a friend's family development and what "life is good" meant. In Sapporo and Otaru, I had my personal space-time, rowing and picnicking included.

I saw Autumn leaves in the Southern hemisphere and Spring flowers in the Northern hemisphere. I reflected on the years I have lived, the family I have raised and people I have connected. While both South and North were cool in different seasons, what I have experienced warms my heart!

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