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True Colours

"Apart from nuclear capability, what have the US and North Korea in common?"I pondered. When I watched the media reporting the Summit between US and North Korea, I could not help but notice their same red-white-blue-coloured starry and striped flags. Red may symbolize blood or valour; white, innocence or purity; and blue, justice or peace.

Can it be bad for countries in the East or in the West to value themselves as strong, pure, and dignified, exercising sovereign equality, achieving peace and making friends? I believe a basic need common to humans and countries alike is security. How can David protect himself from Goliath if he does not have equivalent might?

From their questions and analyses after the Summit, the media all queried Goliath for not demanding enough to disarm David. I was naive to think that everyone liked to hear or watch underdog stories, wanting underdogs to succeed. While David and Goliath became joint protagonists as the story was unfolding, the media turned joint antagonists.

I have been to many "summit" conferences and would not follow real ones as there are no surprises. The epic Summit is different. Its captivating set-up, contrasting profiles (suits included), dramatic challenges and character developments, powerful dialogues (and gestures), unpredictable twists and turns and the resolving climax, show the stars' true colours!

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