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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Another Day

A young teacher's remark during an English Literature class around 1972-1973 is still resonating in my mind. "Once born, we're dying." She light-heartedly remarked. I was 18 going on 19, and thought it was just scholarly romantic to say so, because we were still young and carefree.

Some recent bad news stuck in my head - some relatives a generation older than me are dying. "For those who have lived their average lifespan, can they say for sure that they can make another day? " I wondered. "Aging and sickness are facts of life, have they lived their lives?" I pondered.

"Well, they worked hard and smart to provide for the families, and their children are doing very well." I observed. "They must have also enjoyed the sensuous pleasure of living." I added. "They should have no regrets, having achieved their goals and played their roles in life." I concluded.

"We're here to sustain the human life force." - one moral I got in appreciating literary messages. Our humanities, if we recognise them, remain as time marches on. Instead of engaging in endless pursuits of transient power and glory, wealth and fame, I prefer writing another work in another day!

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