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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Creative Ways

Having seen a recent photo of me performing on stage, a lady lawyer friend chatted with me this morning. She should have a good feel of the context, as I had written a tri-lingual song for her institution and performed there too. To show my appreciation of her continued support, I sent her one of my music videos that she had not heard and seen before.

Later, I shared the story that I was inspired to compose the song after watching a dating entertainment program. Then she remarked: "Hahaha, it appears that girl-watching-ocean-sea-horizon scene was shown in that entertainment program before!" I was caught me by surprise: "Is that right?" - as I shot the clip at Cape Manzamo, Okinawa, in Sept 2016.

Managing my pool of copyright works on a routine basis, it did not take long for me to mine my original video clip for her to see. To know that the angle of photography of similar clips could leave a lasting impression (even though an imperfect recollection) on the audience was pleasing. For independent creations, the respective copyright subsists.

In the creative industry, only by sweat of the brow can one be potentially successful, as originality and legal compliance (eg licensing) are key factors. Although original stuff like mine can be raw, their non-identical styles can delight. I have been striving to demonstrate the born-creativity in us, only if we would recognize it to enrich ourselves in our creative ways!

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