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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Come September

My younger children used to begin their schooling in late August and had smooth transition-in after the summer vacation. Now, my elder daughter graduated from university and has begun working, and my younger son is preparing his examinations in Sydney. Only my younger daughter left for Brighton for her matriculation studies days ago.

In the autumn of my life, if I had already reached the top, the only way was down. I had thought that I needed not update my curriculum vitae and my financial position would be just as simple as before. But since last September, I have played additional roles and the taxman has recently begun to bother me.

Chores aside, I always feel September as a great month to start over something cool. I have cooked up some wild thoughts and would set the scenes in September. While I hope my leisure and work schedules in September would not conflict with each other, I have already had the luxury to spend a couple of hours with my loved ones on its first day.

Having come up with the title of this blog post as "Come September", I discovered there was a 1961 movie with the same name. While the names of Hollywood stars were familiar to me, I did not know about the film. As to its guitar music, I have loved it since the 1960s, but it is only today that I learnt it was the theme from "Come September"!

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