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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS


Between May 2014 and March 2017, I was undergoing the Government required sanitization for retired senior civil servants. Effectively, it meant that before my engaging in any business activities, I needed to seek approval or notify Government to ensure there would not be any conflict of interest. I simply made use of my long retreat to do my own knowledge management.

Having written and stored my articles or booklets, and audio-visuals in computer disks, the challenge upon me was how to do my self publishing. As I considered traditional publishing costly and untimely, my focus was on free on-line publishing via social media. And before sharing, I needed a dedicated website to contain my works or my digital identity and style would not be distinctive.

In March 2016, I began making use of's free website builder to build my own website (http://www. using the blog function to manage my copyright repertoires. When I turned 62 (May 15, 2016) I began sharing my daily blog post via social media. By year end, I thought it would be better if I had other thematic websites.

To celebrate the completion of my sanitization I published as my main digital content platform on March 7, 2017. As the URL is hard to remember, I am now showcasing myself by using the gTLD (generic Top Level Domain)".商标". Anyone can get direct and faster access to my platform just by typing in the address bar "www.张锦辉.商标"!

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