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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Do That Timely

If our potential and qualities are recognized and fully developed, by the time when strangers offer us seats, we should have made stamps on the future. Health is obviously our top priority. But we should also do exercises and eat moderately to make it happen.

Having played our roles and retreated from the lime light, what would we need? Some money is obviously important as we need to maintain our livelihood. Would we keep ourselves to ourselves or would we continue to engage at least in our social circles?

It is difficult for us not doing anything, but we may only do things that we like such as taking photos and adding a few lines perhaps - contributing to culture. And when we engage with others, we may be more tolerant than before as nothing much really matters.

Come to think of it, we may have been doing such since we have become independent. Whether some of us have done very well or some not that well, we might like to praise or help. If we are to do that at all, I believe we had better do that timely, preferably before they have passed away!

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