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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Kaji: Saying A Little Prayer

"Let me share with you the magic of saying a little prayer. I tend to wake up late in my bed as there aren't better things to do. I won't bother the gang leader and her partner to open the sleeping room door for me."

"In preparing to pray, I stretch my hands in front of me so my elbows almost touch the floor while my legs seem to play bow. When saying my little prayer, I'd stare at my darling gang member and pray for my daily bread."

"Previously, I've taught him that he couldn't have breakfast without me. Furthermore, there'd be equality of opportunity. Effectively, it means that if he has one mouthful, I'd be entitled to the next one."

"Now, answering my prayer, my darling gang member often brings home what I prayed - a steamed hot bun. I'd let him try it first to feel if it isn't too hot for me before I take mine. So, do enjoy saying a little prayer!"

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