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Staring at a requested question on his phone screen, PETER ponders.


What is happening with the

protests in Hong Kong right

now and why is it not getting

more coverage?

Peter taps Hong Kong news on this phone search engines.


No news.

Peter types:

Protests. The Hong Kong protests must go on, or the protest organisers would have no justification for additional funding and logistical support.

Characteristics. The Hong Kong style of protests are like show programs with event calendar. People and media know when, where and how they will happen.

Insanity. The Hong Kong protesters' insanity manifests in their violation of societal norms, harming themselves as well as sane ones.

Lucidity. Even so, insane protesters have lucid moments when they are less stupid. As they do not protest all the time, the media has no protest to cover.

Good news. While less coverage means the Hong Kong story has fewer news value ie becoming orderly again, such is actually good news to Hong Kong.

Peter taps: Submit.

Hearing something from TV, Peter lifts his head to watch the moving images.


BBC's reporting live at the

Tsimshatsui promenade.

The Victoria Harbour is

so beautiful at night.



Foreigners might be lured

to visit Hong Kong.They

might also wonder: How

come the protesters want

to destroy their home? I've

to add a postscript to my


Finding the answer in his phone, Peter edits it by adding:

Postscript. BBC has just reported (Aug 23) protesters forming a human chain against the spectacular backdrop of the Victoria Harbour by night.

Peter taps: Submit.


Waking up, Peter taps his Quora App and scrolls down the screen.


I'm still answering requests

put to me on August 14. Let

me answer one not on politics

to brighten my day first.

Peter sees a requested question:

What are some cool cities in Hong Kong that most foreign tourists don't consider visiting? Why?

Peter types his answer:

For personal reasons, the following Hong Kong places are particularly cool to me, but most foreign visitors would not consider visiting. Hong Kong is so rich in varieties of sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touch that there is no fear of any

missing out.

Hong Kong island - the Stanley Military Cemetery was one of the last battle fields of the Hong Kong defence against the Japanese invasion. My son studied at the St Stephen's College nearby. The area including a bay is tranquil, but who cares about the lost battle?

Kowloon - the Lands Tribunal building at 38 Gascoigne Road is a Grade I historic building. It was Japan's military police's Kowloon headquarters. When it was a District Court, I prosecuted there. The place is easily accessible, but who cares about this building?

New Territories - Yuen Long holds the century-old fond traditions. I had my (post) secondary education in Yuen Long schools. It became world famous when people in white fought with people in black inside a train station, but who cares about the colour yellow?


Isn't Hong Kong our home?

Didn't protesters feel that?

Peter rests for a while before picking up another question.

We see on a the screen: Josey Wales requested your answer to: How will the protests in Hong Kong end? Aug 14

Peter types his answer:

End. Strategically, when there is a congruence of the following elements, the Hong Kong protests will end.

Value - when protesters find it harder and harder to align their values with the Hong Kong public.

Capacity - when protesters find that more and more they are being restrained by the rule of law.

Support - when protesters find that their numbers are dwindling and the Police can catch them.

Persuasion - when what they think and do become no longer persuasive to themselves and others.

End in mind. When protesters began, they did not have the end in mind. But those leading them had.

Peter taps: Submit.

Peter sees a new notification: his answer is upvoted.



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