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No Escalation



Relaxing in bed, PETER gets his phone, taps the Quora App and scrolls down the screen.


This Quora questioner

requested my answer

to his question on Aug

16...What is the question?

We see the question: What would be the significance of Hong Kong losing its special US trade status?

PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd)

Let me check if the

question has been

answered before...

Peter taps the screen.

PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd)

There was one - but a

a rubbish answer. No

wonder, he requested

my answer. The questioner

must be worried about

the escalating trade war.

The question is a hard

one for many.

Peter types on the phone screen his answer:

Trilateral. In trade, US, Hong Kong and China are in a trilateral relationship, as Hong Kong, under US policy and law, is on the same page with US on trade liberatisation.

Bilateral. If Hong Kong lost its special US trade status under US' domestic law subsuming Hong Kong under China, all US trade barriers against China, according to US trade policy and law, will apply to Hong Kong.

Multilateral. As a separate customs territory, Hong Kong joined GATT in 1986 and along with others founded WTO in 1995, Hong Kong's multilateral autonomous WTO status remains unchanged.

Complaint. Should US impose trade or non-trade barriers against Hong Kong as if it is China, Hong Kong can lodge complaints to the WTO against US for dispute settlement according to WTO trade law.

Peter taps: Submit.

Peter does his morning routine, keeping an eye on his phone screen.

PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd)

Oh, so many quick views...

an additional

follower too!


PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd)

He must be pleased that

any escalation of US-China

trade war would not impact

that much on Hong Kong.

He must be doing business

via Hong Kong.

Peter smiles.

PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd)

It is really satisfying that

I can brand Hong Kong

in my special way and at

the same time do the

international knowledge



Peter checks his phone.

PETER (V.O,) (Cont'd)

The next requested

question is also about


We see the question:

Do you think the situation in Hong Kong could escalate?

Having inserted a photo and added the subtitle: A Pre-mourning Warning (Mr Chong Got - a Hong Kong Lover)

Peter types his answer:

Recent clashes. Facing protesters' life-threatening attacks, three police officers pulled their guns and one warning shot was fired. No one was killed yet.

Silent majority. More and more, the silent majority have spoken up, and there have been many full-page adverts calling for protesters to stop their violence.

Lunatic cries. Yesterday night, at a multi-storey residential premises housing tens of thousands of people, I heard a few

lone screams of political slogans.

Silent response. There were no echoes, and the sounds of silence should resonate in the screamers that they should stop enslaving themselves in their delusions.

Law enforcement. About 900 front-line protesters have been arrested, some are detained and some on bails, pending criminal charges.

Summer holidays. Summer gaming fun in Hong Kong streets is about to end, as most protesters have to return to secondary schools or universities.

Venue change. In one university, its orientation program turned into a mock protest on campus, which should be the right venue for their re-education.

Solution options. Relentless law enforcement against riots coupled with programmatic re-education of the young are Hong Kong's main solution options.

No escalation. On the streets of Hong Kong, the escalating conflict should have reached its climax, and the situation will be calmer than before.

Peter then taps: Submit


Peter checks his phone.


Wow, hundreds of views

in an hour, a lot of people

are concerned about

Hong Kong.


PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd)

Yes no escalation based

on objective conditions.

The international media

will have to find other

stories to tell.

Hearing "Hong Kong" Peter watches the TV. We see from the screen a BBC ANCHOR reporting.

ANCHOR (In TV screen)

There's a pig problem in

Hong Kong...

Peter smiles.



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