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If I Can Dream

  1. FADE IN.

  2. Act 1


  4. Having checked his phone's mails, a wet-haired Peter finishes typing.

  5. PETER: (V.O.): Okay, I've dealt with serious matters. See if there's any interesting answer requests from my Quora fans.

  6. We see on screen: What was your childhood dream job? Did you achieve it? How do you feel about it?

  7. PETER: (V.O.) (Cont'd): My childhood dream job was a very humble one.


  9. EXT. BUS (MOVING) - DAY (1964)

  10. DRIVER#1 drives. Holding a bar and standing close to driver#, Peter (10) watches him steering the wheel, stepping on the clutch and changing gears, switching on the indicator lamps from time to time.

  11. PETER: (V.O.): I believe I know how to drive.

  12. EXT. BUS (MOVING) - DAY (1966)

  13. Driver#2 drives. Sitting in the only passenger seat in the front, nearly parallel to driver#2, Peter (12) watches closely every action of driver#2.

  14. PETER: (V.O.): Handling a bus requires a lot of skills and attention. Serving the public is good. A classmate's father is a bus driver.


  16. Act 2


  18. Peter looks at the answer request.

  19. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): My childhood dream job was just to become a bus driver.

  20. Recalling.

  21. PETER: (V.O.) (Cont'd): None of my family members had a driving licence. Being a bus driver should be able to feed a family.

  22. '

  23. Pausing.

  24. PETER: (V.O.) (Cont'd): I thought that was the only way I could have a car to drive. So my ambition then was just to be able to take a bus-driving seat.

  25. Peter looks at the answer request again.

  26. PETER: (V.O.) (Cont'd): I didn't achieve it though. I got my driving licence alright, but I'd never applied for the job.

  27. Recalling.

  28. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): Days after I got my driving licence in 1976, I bought a used sports car. Since then, I've been owning and driving private cars.

  29. Pondering.

  30. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): As to my feeling...

  31. Peter seems to have recalled something.

  32. On his phone, Peter searches: Elvis Presley's If I Can Dream. A video clip featuring Elvis Presley then comes up. Peter tapes on it.

  33. After a rock intro, we hear Elvis singing: There must be lights burning brighter somewhere. Got to be birds flying higher in the sky more blue. If I can dream...

  34. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): I simply can't dream big when I was a child.

  35. We continue to hear:...Tell me why, oh why, oh why can't my dream come true, oh why...

  36. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): I heard the song over the radio in 1968. But this is the first time I watch his video clip.

  37. We continue to hear:...We trapped in a world that is troubled with pain. But as long as a man has the strength to dream, he can redeem his soul and fly.

  38. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): He looked so young. How old was he then?

  39. Scrolling down the screen, Peter taps on the Elvis Presley link.

  40. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): He was 33 in 1968. In the 1960s, I watched nearly all his movies. He was quite my teenage idol.

  41. Pausing.

  42. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): From poverty to fame, he epitomizes the American dream.

  43. Recalling.

  44. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): In 1977 when I heard that he had died, I couldn't believe it. How can the "King" die? At the age of 42?

  45. Peter takes a deep breath.

  46. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): I'm 66 already.

  47. Act 3


  49. Pausing.

  50. PETER (V.O.): Years ago, when I saw recruiting adverts of bus drivers, I did think about making my childhood dream come true.

  51. Pausing.

  52. PETER (V.O.): But I wasn't qualified anymore. I wasn't aged 60 or below.

  53. Pausing.

  54. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): Whenever I can, I'd drive my wife to work, like a chauffeur,

  55. Pausing.

  56. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): And then I would manage my cars. I ran a car's engine this morning and took another one to the car repairer this afternoon.

  57. Pausing.

  58. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): I also won't miss my daily swimming, hoping that I'll have the strength not just to dream, but to optimize my lifespan actually.

  59. Pausing.

  60. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): Living a life like that at the age of 66, have I redeem my soul somewhat?

  61. Peter types his answer on the phone.

  62. FADE OUT.

  63. THE END

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