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Nikko in Mid-Nov

  1. FADE IN

  2. Act 1

  3. INT. STUDY - 08:00

  4. PETER is changing to professional attire.

  5. PETER (V.O.): Today is Nov 1. I've one professional appointment in the morning and another in the evening.

  6. Checking his smartphone calendar.

  7. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): Actually, I'm quite excited about my mid-Nov trip to Nikko.


  9. EXT. COACH - DAY (Summer 1982)

  10. Full. A tour GUIDE is talking to ALL including Peter (28) and SHARON (27).

  11. GUIDE: According to the schedule, we'll go sightseeing in Nikko tomorrow. But if all of you agree, we can just do shopping in Tokyo. Any objection?

  12. Dead silence.


  14. Act 2

  15. EXT. MEGABOX - 12:30

  16. Peter is window shopping.

  17. PETER (V.O.): Every time I finish doing some professional work nearby, I'd come here shopping.

  18. Peter sees merchandise carrying the "Nikko" brand.

  19. Recalling.

  20. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): When I was studying in London 1986-1987, I used a "Nikko" sleeping bag.

  21. Pausing.

  22. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): Many of the goggles I use now are also made by "Nikko".

  23. Smiling.

  24. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): And I'm counting the days to see Nikko in mid-Nov for the first time.

  25. Peter checks a "Nikko" cap and then a pair of "Nikko" shoes.

  26. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): I feel their connections with my upcoming trip.

  27. Having paid at the cashier, Peter checks chatgroup messages and sees images of autumn foliage.

  28. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): Oh, my elder daughter is seeing autumn foliage at SNU!

  29. Recalling.

  30. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): The last time I experienced firsthand of similar sights was in Oct 2019, when I visited Brian, my former LLM classmate, in Victoria, Canada.


  32. A. Restaurant. There is a lot of food and drink on Peter's table.

  33. B. Study. Returning, Peter can't wait to have an afternoon nap.

  34. C. Interview room. Peter offers advice to CLIENTS in the presence of STUDENTS#1-4.

  35. D. MTR. Peter chats with STUDENTS#1&2.


  37. EXT. ESTATE WALKWAY - 22:45

  38. As Peter is walking towards an estate, his smartphone rings.

  39. PETER (V.O.): My wife's calling.

  40. WIFE (from phone): Do you have to work that hard?

  41. PETER (to phone): I'm coming home.

  42. PETER (V.O.): To offer pro bono legal advice is what I like to do.

  43. Pausing.

  44. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): I did knowledge transfer to HKU Law students as well.

  45. Pausing.

  46. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): I felt a deep sense of responsibility to share my knowledge and wisdom.

  47. Pausing.

  48. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): But I confessed to the students I had become less passionate on law with the passage of time. And they understood.

  49. Recalling.

  50. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): Only when I've formally retired do I have time to appreciate Nature's beauty more.

  51. Act 3

  52. INT. STUDY - 23:30

  53. Relaxing on a sofa, Peter is in thoughts.

  54. PETER (V.O.): An opportunity missed in 1982 and my age now, fuel my desire to seize the present. Anticipation in a future experience excites.

  55. Typing natural language in his smartphone, Peter instructs his assistant in Poe Photo_CreateE.

  56. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): I'm interested to see how the machine's conception of "Nikko in Mid-Nov" can inspire and uplift.

  57. Within four seconds, an AI drawing depicting Nikko's serene landscape and autumn foliage appears on screen.

  58. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): Apart from capturing the essence and anticipation of Nikko in mid-Nov, it also enhances my trip's significance.

  59. FADE OUT

  60. THE END

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