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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Intellectual Property Matters

A knowledge economy is one in which economic growth is dependent on the quantity, quality and accessibility of the meaningful information available. A creative economy is one in which creative people create, perform, distribute original works that provide opportunities for jobs and revenue streams, and enhance quality of life. Similarly, an innovative economy is one in which innovative people research, invent and develop inventive products or processes that generate jobs and revenue streams, and change community lifestyles.

While big data, analysed as general knowledge may uncover hidden patterns, linked small data analysed as specific knowledge should provide a glimpse of what customers want. Customers may want creative works eg entertainment or cultural stuff sustaining quality of life, or inventive products or processes solving major problems eg a drug to cure cancer. Business models that have creativity or innovation in their value propositions would be able to satisfy customers' expectations.

However, the value of creativity and innovation, if not protected, would not have any leading edge as other competitors can freely use them. Intellectual property is the international legal means to protect the results of intellectual effort and financial investment on creativity and innovation. While knowledge, creativity and innovation are all necessary conditions for businesses to succeed, intellectual property is the necessary and sufficient condition for businesses to succeed at the global level in today's intellectual property economy.

I offer expert consultancy advice on all business-related intellectual property matters. I have been working in the intellectual property field since the 1980s, from reforming intellectual property laws to linking businesses with intellectual property. I provide objectivity, identify challenges, suggest strategy and act as a catalyst to bring a new life to a business, or develop a new business for any existing business!

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