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A week ago at a lunch reception, I was introduced to a new friend and also reunited with my namesake whom I have known for decades. I had a good exchange with my new friend and he promised to send me something. I did not receive it within a reasonable time though.

As a proactive person, I followed through with my new friend on related matters, and discovered that he had already sent the material to a mail account printed on my name card. I checked all my incoming mails again and still could not find it. Then my reasonable doubt was resolved when I finally got the mail from my new friend, relaying my namesake's message that he was not me.

Similar confusion has arisen as my name sake and I used to work in the same sector either in Hong Kong or Geneva in not dissimilar time frames. Although we look different, we share the same traits, and we both have done good for Hong Kong. So when we are remembered particularly by the international community, the confusion enlarges our individual contribution!

"Peter" is a common forename and "Cheung" a common surname. In order to sustain my own brand, I have combined "peter" with "C" and "@", making the dominant portion of my word mark inherently distinctive. My thematic business websites offering consultancy services carry the same but different word marks, from peterC@INNOVATION ( to peterC@INTELLECTUALPROPERTY(!

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