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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

From Bay To Ocean

Since June 2016, I have been providing pro bono consultancy service as a Member of the Knowledge Transfer Committee of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Council. One distinguished characteristic of the University is its incubation and entrepreneurship program in Shenzhen, called "Blue Bay". The service label should be distinctive and easy for stakeholders to recollect.

Colour blue has become the colour code for any creative or dynamic business strategy. Instead of competing in the existing market, an entrepreneur's value propositions should anticipate, create and capture the new market demand, and break the value-cost trade-off. My business model is not to beat others or to exploit the existing demand, but to reconstruct the high-end services sector boundaries and to align my key activities in pursuit of high differentiation and low cost (eg providing one-stop consulting service to assist clients to acquire, manage and exploit intellectual property rights).

My strategy is to reduce risk and to increase business opportunity. My execution is to create high value to clients at low cost, creating a win-win outcome. Riding on my Greater China and international brand in the field of intellectual property, I have already begun my service business venture from a blue bay and am heading towards the blue ocean!

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