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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Early Summer

In early April 2017, I hoped to see cherry blossoms in the Osaka area, but I was early. At Kyoto By The Sea, I unexpectedly had close encounters with seagulls. They had to fly against the strong winds, competing with each other to get just a little food from humans!

I then went to Shenzhen to update my knowledge regarding the new mainland Chinese Civil Code 2017. I thought it was general and dry. To my surprise, I was enlightened at the jurisprudential level and derived a lot of satisfaction in intellectual exchanges!

During the Easter holidays, I went to the beaches and hills of Da Nang, Vietnam. Sights and sounds aside, the people there were nice. The new multi-sensory encounters were refreshing!

Soon, I found myself in Chengdu, help promote its tourism, creativity and cultural industries under the giant panda brand. I first played the "Giant Panda Lullaby" with guitar and harmonica and then I sang "Go Chengdu". Having heard people calling "Peter" in chorus, I thought my engagement in Chengdu did meet or even exceed others' expectations!

April 26 has become the World Intellectual Property Day since 1999. As an actor in the intellectual property ecosystem, I have been trying to play my due role in the business of intellectual property. I have begun co-chairing a policy committee, interfacing the operation of digital marks in the mainland Chinese cyberspace!

My interaction with nature and people in early summer excited and delighted me. Having been entertained, I reciprocated with my creativity. I am glad that I continue to live well, dream wild and make meaning!

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