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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Art, Beauty & Taste

May 18, 2017 is the International Museum Day and the theme this year is: "Saying the unspeakable in museums". It suggests taking multiple perspectives to understand the incomprehensible aspects of contested histories. It encourages people to address traumatic histories through peaceful mediation.

Visiting museums to see special collections of unique objects and learn about the history of a place, the struggle of its people, the development of a culture can be educational and inspiring. Museums can cover a wide range of topics from war to sex. We know more about our own bone and our role in history, society and culture.

A lawyer friend of mine is so passionate about visiting museums that he has a list of target museums to go. He even contributed and edited a book on intellectual property management in museums. I admire the intellectual effort that he and other authors have put into the work.

I think the greatest lesson one can learn from history is that: "People never learn from history". I like to visit museums of modern arts as they exhibit art forms that are modern or contemporary. Furthermore, such museums help distinguish art from non-art, satisfying my quest to create my own thoughts and emotions about art, beauty and taste!

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