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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Sharing Business?

When I was a little kid, I rode my two-wheeled toy like a horse, crossing the fields, going up and down the hills. My Dad used his bike as a limousine to convey particularly my Mum from home to nearby destinations. As private property, bicycles were not shared, but could be rented.

I read that a Mainland China urban "bike-sharing" pioneer was expanding its overseas operations. Then I reckoned it was the brand I rented in Beijing on June 1, 2017, paying via my escort's account. My escort, a Beijing University PhD candidate on intellectual property, rode the brand that shared part of China's "bike-sharing" market.

From the looks and the rental rates of the bicycles, there was no difference; but in terms of access, I was told the one I rented was more user-friendly: "Its innovative locking system embedded Internet of Things solutions, having the capability to process, measure and transmit data." Our conversations then turned to the specific issues in sustaining a business' leading edge, like prosecuting patents and marketing trade marks.

The result of innovation and creativity, properly managed,can be protected by intellectual property laws which prevent unfair competition. I advocate intellectual property as an essential element of any successful business in the 21st Century. The strategic intangible asset negates fear of making bad investment decisions, and suggests profitable prospects!

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