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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Think & Act Morally

Like it or not, we are not alone and have to interact with society. What is the me-and-society ought-to-be ie the kind of social life and the form of government that I like? Political philosophizing applies moral concept in social context and creates a theoretical standard to analyse and criticize existing political institutions.

Politically, am I an individual or a group member, and which individual or group value should have primacy over other individuals or groups? Does it matter if I or my group believe in conservatism, liberalism, socialism, anarchism or environmentalism? Among a range of epistemological and moral choices, and between subjective, absolute and diametrically-opposed political extremes is a common set of reasonably balanced individual rights and societal obligations under the laws of any economy.

Certain citizens may actively and professionally refuse or resist to obey laws that they deem adversely impacting their preferred integrity, justice or policy. Indirect civil disobedience that violates a law which is not itself the object of political disobedience does not mitigate the crime. The goal of a civil disobedience campaign can be revolutionary ie an attempt to overthrow a government.

Human actions and social events happened at a certain point in time and in a certain region make history that, to some extent, impacts on our present. Human feelings like political ambition and lust for power have not changed throughout history. Any solitary or collective struggles for the best social life or form of government can just be self or collective delusions, as evidenced by historical facts of generations of politicians - therefore, for real integrity, justice or policy, one should only think and act morally!

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