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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

A Winter's Day

Do you care if the Winter Solstice - a mid winter's day, is the shortest day of the year? Many have to work on Winter Solstice day, feasting and spending time with loved ones during the longest night only. In the Winter of 2015, I developed the idea to write festive songs that were significant to me.

So I began composing the music and writing the spoken Cantonese lyrics on the morning of the Winter Solstice day of 2015. I recorded the sound track of "Winter Solstice" in Cantonese in the afternoon and had it distributed to a few relatives and friends via social media. Feedback was encouraging.

From then on, I had written quite a number of festive songs and had began to produce music videos in the year 2016. I picked up a friendly suggestion my festive songs would sound better with faster tempos. So when the Winter Solstice 2016 came, I re-recorded a new version of the Cantonese sound track of "Winter Solstice" and produced a music video too.

As some of my friends did not understand Cantonese, I therefore wrote the English version entitled: "A Winter's Day" and the Mandarin version was adapted from the Cantonese one. The sound tracks captured my mood and the visuals documented where I had been. I am optimistic that my song "Winter Solstice" whether in Cantonese, English or Mandarin, would become evergreen!

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