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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Life & Courage

"Does one's life shrink or expand in proportion to one's courage?" I believe so. Yesterday, a family member had to face a seemingly insurmountable challenge. She had the courage to seek help from the chief executive of the agency, and the stumbling block was cleared today!

In the 1960s, the electricity supply to my country home was so weak that it could not power up any refrigerator. Learning some English, I sent a complaint letter to the general manager of the electric company. Within weeks, the perennial problem was resolved, delighting all villagers!

In the early 1970s, my application to install a home telephone line met with no progress. The telephone company advised of the need to erect several telephone poles in private land and I had to obtain the licences. I visited the landowners and managed to get their support!

In early 1981, I applied for admission to the School of Law, University of Hong Kong. As I began full-time working in 1973, I could find no one to write any academic reference for me. To overcome the hurdle, I dared write my own reference - and my life has been expanding ever since!

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