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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

A Testing Virtue

During my residual tenure as Director of Intellectual Property, I organized a business lunch for a visiting British delegation featuring a promising IP Judge. Weeks ago, my former Department invited me to attend the distinguished Judge's update on IP cases and developments in UK/EU today. I enrolled; otherwise my former Department's operations are none of my business.

When I arrived at the reception desk, a new face receiving me naturally did not know who I was. I also wondered if I should reconnect with the guest speaker as I might have been forgotten. While I was chatting with a friend inside the rest room, the learned Judge bumped into us enabling my friend's impromptu facilitation which jogged his memory and resulted in a quick exchange of ideas.

When I appeared in the gallery, an IP attache assisting the Judge could not wait to come forward to shake hands with me, and so were other acquaintances. I had non-stop small talks one after another, and felt the re-connection-after-long-absence a source of happiness. When I took my seat, a group of former colleagues sitting behind me leaned forward and burst into chorus: "We all miss you very much!"

Since they were reluctant to elaborate, I would like to think they missed my natural leadership style and eclectic management approach. My personality (in terms of seriousness, friendliness and eagerness to try something new) has been the same throughout - from waiting tables to running a department. To be true to oneself and others constantly is a testing virtue!

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