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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Kaji: Follow The Sun

"In the past week, the Sun must have gone on leave and Storm was having its day. Rain dropped on windows most of the time and Thunder came from nowhere. Inclement Elements were having their party."

"As a sensitive Creature on Earth, I could hear, smell, see and feel their coming. As I didn't know how wild they'd behave during partying, I'd hide myself or get close to my pack leader and the gang. I needed protection."

"Initially, I was so weary about my safety that I trembled a lot. And now, I've found out that they're just partying like Nature and won't target me as their sacrificial dog. All I need to do is to keep calm and stay cool."

"My pack leader and the gang felt my anxiety and coddled me a lot. Their sounds were cute, expressions emotive and touches warm, While my quality of life was not bad during their week-long party, I prefer to follow the Sun!"

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