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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Kaji: www.张锦辉宠物.商标

"Last Sunday evening, a gang member having no scent appeared on a screen as usual. He said he showed a photo of me to his friend and I thought: ''That's OK". But then he continued to relate laughingly his friend's remark: 'She looks dumb, doesn't she?'"

"Can one really distinguish dumb from smart by just one look? Perhaps, my size is relatively small and I can't have a big brain, and so there's no way I can be compared with humans. But my reddish coat and curly tail stand out, and I bring spirit to my family."

"Being treated like a princess, I don't feel inadequate in any way, and my family has been anxious to help. I observe they live in two worlds - a multi-dimensional one with scent and a flat-screen one without scent. When they point their flat-screen device at me - "click" and 'I'm in".

"In my cyberhome, you might have seen another dumb photo of me. But since coming of age, I've become different in every way. There's now also a direct route to visit my cyberhome without getting loss - just key in at the address bar of your device: 'www.张锦辉宠物.商标'!"

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