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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Kaji: What Good Is A Bone?

"I believe it's my instinctive behaviour to find food so that I won't stay hungry. I'd first make use of my eyes and ears to locate food, smell it to check if it is fit not only for my taste buds but also for my health. When I have the food, I'd eat it in an elegant fashion - a small bit at a time."

"Having enjoyed every bit of it and the food is no longer in sight, I'd still attempt to locate it, hoping the food can still be found. As a young shiba inu, it is reasonable for me to have my food and eat it. My pack leader got my message and presented me with a bone days ago."

"The bone is big and I can't swallow it at one go. Coupled with the fact that my pack leader would take it away from me after a while, I've been having my bone and eating it too. I like the new experience as it proves that I can have the best of both worlds."

"But something deeper has also come up to my mind: 'What good is a bone if I can't really eat it?' And by extension: 'What good is me if they can't really eat me?' Having thought through the 'have-one's-bone-and-eat-it-too' thesis, I'd only play with the bone now!"

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