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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

"At 65"

"At 65" was written on May 14, 2o19, the eve of my turning 65. I regretted that I had not written any music since Easter 2018. I was so tied up with my professional work that I did not have any peace of mind to write a song.

Having thought about the theme of a new song, I gave priority to "At 65". For an hour, I had no inspiration about the music and lyrics at all. Then, I began to think about how should I determine if I had played my due role at the age of 65.

Sometime after, I got my music and lyrics of the first line: "Have I done all that I'm fit to do?" At around 1.00 pm, I got the first rough draft of the song: "At 65". The 2 1/2- hour recording session began at around 4:30 pm.

The published version was the 7th take which my raw-but-real style. The visual of the music video was done when I turned 65. The original video clips reflected my travels to Gold Coast, Sydney, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Wulai and Taipei.

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