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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Creating "Winter Solstice"

"Have you been in the mood of creativity? If not, don't worry as you must be feeling content or generally happy." My experience has been that negative moods make me find my inner self to adjust actions and positive moods keep me open-minded to make a difference - both are conducive to creativity. On the Winter Solstice Day of 2015, I was in negative, positive and neutral moods and wanted to express my emotions and feelings in a song: "Winter Solstice".

My mother tongue is Cantonese - a Chinese dialect spoken by a majority of Hongkongers. As spoken Cantonese is very different from written Chinese, I believe the voice from the heart should be in the spoken dialect rather than the written Chinese that Hongkongers do not speak. I want my original songs to sound raw but real so as to bring people and culture emotionally closer (NB: My Cantonese song: "Winter Solstice" has Mandarin and English versions.)

Listening to my songs can be one of the best ways to pick up the Cantonese dialect. My melodies are catchy, my lyrics simple and my video clips refreshing. The lyrics of my song "Winter Solstice" progress from the context and my mood to the phenomenon of the day and traditional cultural practices. I then compare the relatively recent human existence with the millions-years old astronomical phenomenon.

As seasons change, people come and go, the planet Earth will go on for a few billion years more. I tell some of the common stories in my festive and love songs, unpublished screenplays and feature films to be shot. While I would not struggle to leave the past behind, I treasure the present as a present and look forward positively to all possibilities in the future - that perhaps is what my life is all about!

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