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The Dance of Destiny

  1. FADE IN

  2. Act 1

  3. INT. BEDROOM - 06:45

  4. A gentle alarm tone begins to fill the air. PETER wakes up.

  5. PETER(V.O.): Is it the alarm?

  6. Peter reaches out for the smartphone on his bedside table.

  7. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): Yes, it is.

  8. Peter touches a button to silence the alarm.

  9. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): I've been invited to take part in a conference...But I prefer walking the walk.

  10. Pausing.

  11. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): As my friends have done a lot to make it happen, I should show support even if it's talking the talk.

  12. Act 2

  13. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - 08:15

  14. Peter scans the tables and spots one with a South Korean flag.

  15. PETER (V.O.): How nice a decoration to demonstrate diversity!

  16. Happily, Peter chooses to sit there and begins to take selfies.

  17. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): My elder daughter is studying Korean in SNU and her boyfriend is a South Korean.

  18. Peter shares the selfies with the South Korean flag to the family chatgroup.

  19. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): My wife and I are expecting to welcome the couple in Hong Kong days later.

  20. Smiling.

  21. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): And we've already fixed our visit to Seoul and Busan in Feb next year.

  22. We see the opening ceremony commencing with a vibrant dance of two "lions" on stage.

  23. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): This is particularly entertaining for guests from other continents.

  24. Peter begins to shoot video clips with his smartphone.

  25. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): But the woman in front of me with her smartphone held high is blocking my camera angle.

  26. As he sees lion#1 approaching the AUDIENCE from the left, Peter focuses on it.

  27. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): Oh! What's bumping into me?

  28. Reacting, Peter turns his head and sees lion#2 at point-blank range.

  29. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): Oh, how engaging! My first such experience.

  30. Pausing.

  31. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): The lion might think that I'm a visiting South Korean!

  32. When the lion dance is over, the talk begins.

  33. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): I've got to draft speeches and send them before lunch.

  34. Drafting.

  35. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): When I talked publicly, I didn't need any scripts. Those working for me needn't bother.

  36. Drafting.

  37. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): This time is different, I'll be speaking with others and they're concerned as to what I'd talk about.

  38. Drafting with his smartphone, Peter follows the audience to put his hands together.

  39. PETER (V.O.)(Cont'd): Done!

  40. Peter sends his stuff to a chatgroup.

  41. EXT. LUNCHEON ROOM - 13:00

  42. Eight tables of GUESTS. Arriving in a table for 12, Peter checks the place cards and takes his seat next to a WOMAN.

  43. PETER: Hi, I'm Peter, a Hong Kong counsel.

  44. WOMAN: I'm Winnie, we're all from Shenzhen. I don't know if you know my sister's friend in Hong Kong...

  45. PETER: Oh, she's my former classmate and colleague...Has she turned to divinity?

  46. Pausing.

  47. PETER (Cont'd): I'm religious in the sense that I believe in destiny...

  48. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - 14:00

  49. When Peter and Winnie return and take their seats, they smile.

  50. PETER: You're sitting right in front of me...

  51. Peter shows Winnie his video clips, capturing Winnie's back and hands held high...

  52. Act 3

  53. INT. STUDIO - 23:30

  54. On Peter's smartphone screen, we see an animation AI drawing entitled "The Dance of Destiny".

  55. PETER (V.O): A series of interconnected events happen to me today.

  56. Pausing.

  57. PETER (V.O.): It seems that these encounters aren't mere coincidences.

  58. Pausing.

  59. PETER (V.O.) (Cont'd): If they're, my openness to embrace them contributes to the unexpected connections.

  60. FADE OUT

  61. THE END

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