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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

Next Acts

Have you settled your thinking or feeling about your pursuit of a specific lifestyle, now and later? Having accomplished my civil service career, I wanted to capture or create value in my chosen areas of interest, living a fulfilling life. In addition to health, documenting and sharing my thoughts and feeling in literary and artistic ways have become my next acts.

When and where to begin, and how to start, were my initial challenges. I suddenly found that I had all the time in the world and there were just too many things that I wanted to do, but too little things that I needed to do. Intuitively, I began to do physical exercises, write diaries and make monthly travels, creating my initial new routine.

Turning my implicit knowledge into explicit ones, I document my works, using application programs. I write reviews, take snap shots, record sound recordings and make music videos with mobiles, while building websites and blog posts with computers. I store my works in disks, on-line databases, and share them via my websites and social media.

To earn lots of money in lawyering, a lawyer has to work in strategic areas and clocks up billable 1800-2200 hours per annum. What has surprised me is that doing what matters to me as my next acts takes up even more of my time. Reviewing the impact of my next acts so far, it seems that mining of the treasure trove in me has only just begun!

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